6. Hiawatha

In late October

when the full moon

shines over Hiawatha

in the early evening

trucks line up under the grain elevator

like children waiting for halloween candy

at the home of a good neighbor.

People walk like ghosts

under rows of maple trees.

And grain comes down

like manna

and candy

and the full moon

and the leaves

of the maples


— Victor Contoski

Victor writes: I’m enjoying retirement no end.  I’m working on a long sequence of short dream poems.  I’ve completed a manuscript of my adventures at The Monroe Institute, detailing the material in the classes I took (strange stuff!), and Jo and I are working on the book on Spiritual Awakenings, about the classes we hold in my home.


One thought on “6. Hiawatha

  1. I love the rural images captured in this poem, especially as fall, my favorite season, approaches. And yes, I’ve been in Hiawatha – a beautiful Indian name – a few times.

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