10. Scene from a Post-Apocalyptic Art Film

Imagine it after everything: it would be the same.

Coarse grass, outcrops of tawny rock. Thickets

of trees matted with dry leaves. The twisted remnants

of a wire fence wreathed with brambles. Maybe

a bird flying in an unforeseeable direction,

and, naturally, the wind, blowing southwest.

Lastly, a small figure walking down the highway

over the eroded paint and cracked asphalt,

singing because there’s no one to hear it.

— Rebekah Curry


Rebekah Curry’s primary qualifications are having lived in the state for over sixteen years and having made attempts at poetry for over ten. She is currently a student at the University of Kansas, where she is majoring in Classics.


One thought on “10. Scene from a Post-Apocalyptic Art Film

  1. I think it’s most interesting that the author of this poem lives in Lawrence, and if any of you remember anything at all about the movies, one of them that focused on a post-apocalyptic world (after the Bomb went off) was set in Lawrence. The author does a commendable job in trying to capture what that ugly world might look like.

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