13. I Was Living My Life

Last week, my dear Deborah encountered a deer

I didn’t know anything about it

I was living my life

Weeding the sweet potatoes

Watching movies

Enjoying a swim at Toronto State Lake

and meanwhile, my dear Deborah crashed on the road.

Yesterday, my friend, Mark,  died after a routine surgery on his knee.

I didn’t know anything about it

I was living my life

Sharing the bounty of our peach tree

Writing policies for the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board

Collecting money for the New Boston Food Coop

and meanwhile, my friend Mark  passed on from a post-op blood clot.

Today, I am living my life

Digging up turnips

Painting the trim at the cabin

Meditating with the Buddhists

I wonder what else is going on?

— Iris Wilkinson

Iris Wilkinson lives in North Lawrence just off the banks of the Kaw River. She enjoys leading a creative writing group for the women at the county jail and is thankful for her day job as a college professor at Washburn University.


One thought on “13. I Was Living My Life

  1. I particularly like this poem because of the simple message it has for all of us. That being – it’s all too easy to get lost in the life we are living when there are people all around us who are either suddenly dying or dealing with some rather difficult circumstances. So it’s a good reminder for me to “come up for air” every once in a while and take a long look around me to see how my fellow travelers are faring as they navigate their way through the dangers, toils, and snares of this world.

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