17. The Sod House Green

attached to the wind

is the west wing

of the sod house green

while planting in the spring

I used to say

oh look momma

the sun is rising as the moon is going down

then look poppa

stop behind the plow

that cloud looks like momma

and like the summer rains

she has gone again

just the growing remains

everything I love

smells like Kansas sod

grown up now

still behind the plow

I kiss the earth

as she rolls over

dark damp and steaming

dinner bell ringing

for the water lost seagulls

William J. Karnowski


One thought on “17. The Sod House Green

  1. Oh I’m all in a Kansa’s field! it’s swallowed me whole, and I’m swimming with my mum. It’s furious. It’s great.

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