34. Past Muster

If you leave the road you die

If you don’t leave it who will talk to you

who will hold your hand and step forward

like a flag dipped

in light, a crack

in the sidewalk, the horse

past muster?

— Judith Roitman

Published in No Face, First Intensity Press

Born and raised in New York City, Judith Roitman landed in Lawrence KS in 1978 after bouncing back and forth between the coasts, and has been here ever since. Her book No Face: Selected and New Poems was published by First Intensity Press in 2008. Her work has appeared in a number of journals, including (most recently) First Intensity, Spectaculum, Locus Point, Delirious Hem, and Bird Dog.


2 thoughts on “34. Past Muster

  1. what a beautiful poems , I love the inspiration and the imagination the people have, I really enjoyed read it every time I can because I love this kind of literature
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  2. The poem somehow makes me feel like I’m watching a parade somewhere. Or maybe I’m in one and don’t realize it.

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