51. Inside the Snow Globe

Winner of the Kansas Poetry Month contest, week two: snow and ice (professional category)

At long last you are in

the blizzard behind glass,

this trail of flakes your cape

of disappearance.

Dogs romp on the path.

Skaters twirl on the lake.

Under the ice, life

swirls.  The yellow chapel

is forever framed by evergreens

and at the end of the pathway

the scene starts over:

The skaters are still

turning, it is still snowing,

turning and snowing.

Moving from solid to scattered

effervescent to evanescent

takes a lifetime.

Everything is nothing

if you look long enough.

— Wyatt Townley

Wyatt Townley is a fourth-generation Kansan. This poem is from her new collection, The Afterlives of Trees (Woodley), which she won a Master Fellowship from the Kansas Arts Commission to complete. Other books of poems include The Breathing Field (Little, Brown) and Perfectly Normal (The Smith). Her work has appeared in journals ranging from The Paris Review to Newsweek.


One thought on “51. Inside the Snow Globe

  1. I’m most intrigued by the subject of the poem, the magical, mystical snow globe that never seems to lose its appeal from one generation to the next. Kudos to the author for her creativity.

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