52. A Hayloft Belongs To Children

Winner of the Kansas Poetry Month contest: heath and light (amateur category)

The mice, given gray color by their God

Slide unseen under scythed summer hay

Loose in the loft, two inches of tan straw

Dross from collected bales stored above

They steal the feed from two draft horses

Below that cool their coats from the middle

Of summer heat after they plowed their

Existence from the world of pre-seeded fields

They hide, when children, cousins who cling

To a smooth rope that hangs from an old

Hand-carved block and tackle, tarzan east then

West onto the mown stacks of fodder

Their constant motion under the ship keel of

Trusses create tables for tea, stadium seats to

Watch winning teams, and Tibetan mountains

To climb as the light moves to end the day

       — Dan Pohl

Dan Pohl grew up across the state of Kansas from Lucas to Lawrence, Americus to Zenda as his father help build I-70 and grain elevators, moving every two years, forever the “new kid.”  He lives in Moundridge, Kansas and instructs English composition at Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kansas


One thought on “52. A Hayloft Belongs To Children

  1. Love the title! Love the feeling of this piece, which makes me want to go out and look for an old barn somewhere, just to hang out for the rest of the day.

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