Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

She had dug her den wisely

where the turn of a driver’s

gaze would have to slot into

a second’s synchronicity

or the grass and the rock would

keep her secret, as she knew.

I had slipped through the crack

in a moment’s privilege and kept

her secret. Such confidence is

salvation in a world burning

with our hungers. – You out there

in your den, let me hold you close

in the cool darkness where your

tongue laves the little ones to life.

— Steven Hind

Steven Hind divides his time between Hutchinson where he taught for three decades and the family farm on the eastern edge of the Flint Hills near Madison.  His collection, The Loose Change of Wonder, was selected as a 2007 Kansas Notable Book.


Comments on: "57. Beside a Country Road" (2)

  1. H C Palmer said:

    Very nice, tight.poem deftly catches the moment

  2. H C Palmer said:

    Very nice, tight poem catches the moment

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