68. Bestiary: Henbit

(Lamium Amplexicaule)


Many are there over mid-earth,

the lowly henbit. Lamented

as weed. Nicknamed “giraffe-

head” for its haughty, mottled,

orchid-flower and tuft of fuchsia

fuzz. Lauded as wildflower. Its ruffled

leaf an Elizabethan ruche

around the square empurpled stem.

When in April it comes again,

spring’s wakening it leads.

Not much alone, but abloom

across a furrowed field it spreads

a gaudy undulating stain

and shouts the end of winter’s gloom.

So too, do we, united and in flower,

take back our country and our power.

— Anne Baber

(Published in Endless, Anne Baber, Finishing Line Press)

Anne Baber’s poetry has appeared in Kansas City Voices and on a Grammy-nominated CD and been recognized by The Ontario Poetry Society, The Writer’s Digest November 2009 Poem-A-Day Challenge, and The Saturday Writers Guild. Her first Chapbook, Endless, is being published by Finishing Line Press in 2011.

One thought on “68. Bestiary: Henbit

  1. I really appreciate the rhyming here and there in this poem, and I also got some good out of the author’s “science lesson,” which I was sorely in need of.

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