Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

You part the weeds

these thick plants swept

into one rank category

useless or contrary to

the agricultural plan.

Ticks disengage at your

passing warmth and drop on

to a long crawl for blood.

Mosquitos tune you in.

Still you part the weeds.

Chiggers make you

wish you crotch belonged

to someone else.

You must be crazy

but you part the weeds

brushed aside

and closing behind.

Some twich your cuffs

and sign your arms with

tiny marks as swimming

on your feet through

heavy green breath

you part the weeds.

Destination is memory

and time only footsteps

walking in tall weeds.

You reach you.

— Harley Elliott

Harley Elliott’s books of poetry include Animals That Stand In Dreams and Darkness at Each Elbow, both available from Hanging Loose Press, Brooklyn, New York’ and The Monkey of Mulberry Pass and Loading the Stone, both from Woodley Press, Topeka, Kansas.

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