81. standing right here

running barbed wire

under a full twilight moon

an arrow of mallards whistle above

the clouds slide in

and line up like ribs

the sky stretching

its pied torso

invites the lover’s caress

to range beyond

while standing right here

with the cows

— Peter Wright

Peter Wright began writing poetry in 1990, when he enrolled in a poetry class taught by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg at the University of Kansas.  Since then he has continued writing while living in California, Massachusetts, Texas and Kansas and undertaking work in carpentry, organic farming and serving as barista at a local coffee establishment in Lawrence.  He lives at his homestead, aboard the ‘Prairie Schooner’, in rural Valley Falls, with his partner and two dogs.   Poetry and writing are core to his daily ritual and passion.  He self published a chapbook of ‘nighku'(his own modified form of haiku) titled ‘Spring Spray’, in 2008.  He continues to participate in public readings and serves as a board member of the Lawrence based art collective, The Percolator (LCAVA). 



2 thoughts on “81. standing right here

  1. Great images, and I like the way the author works the title of the poem into the flow of the verse right before the very end.

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