83. Earthfallen

Without the moon the domed sky

deepens and fills with stars, spills


sparks into solid dark

of the windbreak across the field


Tips of light dip, dance

in summer’s heat, slip


through rising scent

of dampening soil, through song

of coyotes lifting


through sweep of freedom granted

by night and by desire

— Jackie Magnuson Ash

A previous version published in PlainSpoken: Chosen Lives, Chosen Words

Jackie Magnuson Ash grew up on a farm in central Kansas, later to return to raise two children and help her husband manage the farm business. She holds an English degree from Emporia State University and is a member of Prairie Poets and Writers, a Salina group which self-published its work in PlainSpoken: Chosen Lives, Chosen Words.



One thought on “83. Earthfallen

  1. Jackie – Exquisite! I love that I can hear your voice reading this poem – and you read it in a way that brings me right into the poem with you. Love the freedom and the sparks of it all. Congrats, my friend!

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