91. A Feast of Cheap Tacos

In the courtroom where everything
is dissolved she swears to tell
the truth the whole truth about division
of assets, of debt, of child,
of two people too
different to reconcile.

Among gleaming
wooden walls and government seals
and the honorable this
and that, a half-shaded window
gazes outside at cars driving about, to work,
to the store, to appointments.  She remembers

not the day she stood in a field bright with dying sun
wearing a red dress and pearls, the promises
of faith, of trust, of love, of course love,
and the slide of old rings onto trembling fingers.  Not that.

She remembers years
earlier, coming home and sprawling on the bed
with him, with a feast of cheap
tacos, propping pillows around
her growing belly-child. She held his face
in both hands. They were so hungry,
and there was so much food.

— Melissa Sewell

Melissa Sewell lives in Topeka, Kansas, where she slings coffee and scrubs her daughter’s painty fingerprints from the walls. She loves raspberries and being divorced. Her poems have resided in Susquehanna Review, Inscape, seveneightfive magazine, and the upcoming Kansas City Voices.


One thought on “91. A Feast of Cheap Tacos

  1. I like poems where the title is embedded somewhere within the flow of the text, and while I really can’t relate to the subject matter here, I certainly appreciate the author’s honesty and willingness to be vulnerable.

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