118. Changeling: To My Husband

My parents sadly missed

the child the Faery Folk had stolen,

leaving behind their discard,

the oddling,


Mother often glanced at the replacement

in vague disappointment, but

my father screamed

at the usurper

of his child’s cradle.

Who can imagine then,

who can believe the wonder—

all history turned upside-down–

in your arms

I belonged.

— Anne Haehl

Anne Haehl is a lover of words, both in writing and in storytelling. She lives with her husband of 42 years, three cats and a dog. They have two grown children. She has been published in, among others, Coal City Review, Studio: a Journal of christians [sic] writing, and Chiron Review. Her chapbook, Daughter and Mother, was published by Snark Press in 2004.


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