Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

123. Time

God gave the white man clocks,

the Ghanaians time.

—Ghanaian saying

Was it the bluejays woke me

with their cawing and shrieking—or

was it the foxes barking at an owl?

Suddenly, loudly, I am awake,

bolt upright in bed. My husband,

snoring lightly beside me, doesn’t move

or turn as I go from room to room

shutting doors and drapes against intrusion,

trees still black against the paling grass,

descending sky. No doors out there

in the real world. On my own, I

wouldn’t know the twilight from

the dawn—could work or sleep around

the clock. Only time would tell

the difference—its tiny hands

inching their way across my life.

— Gloria Vando


Comments on: "123. Time" (1)

  1. Rick Nichols said:

    I appreciate the author’s thoughts on that cosmic mystery we call “time,” thinking all the while that it’s probably later than we think (like the old song suggests).

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