Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

Maybe you had to be there

or more likely wanted to.

It was possibly vital

a goal or destination

that might have had

unerring potential.

Maybe you made elaborate plans

what to take and how much.

You could have justifyinggone as you were.

You are pretty sure your

arrival would have been

important to somebody.

Maybe trust could have been saved

a fence cmade true

or a contract signed because

you got there whether

puffing and blowing desperation

or gracefully early.

Maybe you were chosen

an omen set your path.

Maybe you took a desire

seriously getting there

far ahead of yourself.

Maybe there won’t turn

out to be like you

think it is. Maybe it

ought to shift for itself

with you right here

breathing down to the

hairs of your body.

— Harley Elliott

Harley Elliott’s books of poetry include Animals That Stand In Dreams and Darkness at Each Elbow, both available from Hanging Loose Press, Brooklyn, New York’ and The Monkey of Mulberry Pass and Loading the Stone, both from Woodley Press, Topeka, Kansas.


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