147. winter solstice song

winter solstice song:

love can not cure loneliness

loneliness is love

all things sheathed in ice

a sough issues from each blade

aching to decide

absolute zero

one spark rings then another

autonomous joy

walking through winter

her emptiness emerges

to carry my heart

steel sky descending

engaged in stainless quiet

a kernel of love

woken by a flash

pre-dawn thunder & big snow

eerie new year’s eve

one one of one one

will i be alone this year

will i be all one

one one of one one

a bond to our calender

or to emptiness!

she was the archer

who struck my heart & quickened

grace to be reborn

who quickened grace in my heart

reborn in darkness

again we have died

& the secret arrows fly

etching this arcade

the sky is a tongue

a vulgate palimpsest wrought

anew by each choice

what have i written

the flotsam of long short days

shortly growing long

the milkyway smiles

you are your own galaxy

a kind glacial truth

charlie mingus plays

spurring the indifferent stars

to forbidden song

able to respond

he finds himself a star

in the winter sky

— Peter Wright

One thought on “147. winter solstice song

  1. I guess I was hoping for something more along the lines of “Wintertime Love” by The Doors. The thought of spending the long, cold winter alone just gives me the chills. That said, I will agree with the author that love – human love anyway – cannot cure true loneliness.

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