Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

148. Thump

In an old house the noise could be the cat

swatting a Christmas tree ball,


a pile of wobbly presents or stacked books

surrendering to gravity,


the washing machine venting its hatred

of rugs, the refrigerator’s harsh cough,


plumbing tying a new knot in itself,

one of the useless chimneys toppling,


a full-length mirror diving off the closet door,

three-legged stool ineptly reglued,


woman or man or dog tumbling down stairs,

some winged thing in attic, basement, bedroom,


a ninety-six-year-old house that sighs and says,

A hundred isn’t feasible. I can’t.

— Roland Sodowsky

Roland Sodowsky worked in Kansas wheat fields as a teenager. His books include Things We Lose, an AWP award winner, Interim in the Desert, Un-Due West, and poetry and fiction in Atlantic Monthly and Midwest Quarterly, among others. A 2009 Kansas Voices winner, he lives with his wife, Laura Lee Washburn, in Pittsburg, KS.

Comments on: "148. Thump" (1)

  1. Rick Nichols said:

    Having one of these old houses myself, I can really appreciate this poem. More important, I was delighted to have been able to hear the author read it in Pittsburg earlier this month.

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