Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

Between you, me, the universe…I fear I shall go mad!
Still, stars spin their course….I spin mine.
I’m the stone eyed cold girl cursing her dog for dying.
No bullet sounds, artery to bone to brain to farmer’s wife, under the harvest moon.
The crash of cymbals as crescendos on my skin…..
Shooting stars surround until I vibrate from their tone.
No truths to behold; just a farmer mourning ashes turned to grain to burnt toast.
Seed carried, blood stained prairie dust settles, waits to create anew.
Stitch a wing from cardinal to owl to make the switch….disjointed yet alive..
An open wound…..breathe it back to life.

— Ronda Miller


Comments on: "15. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Ronda Miller" (2)

  1. Lee Mick said:

    Very nice tie in to the previous sections of the renga, yet quite capable of standing on its own.

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