17. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Donna Wolff

So far above us, a firmament of shifting darkness, infinite and

     shimmering with distant diamonds, stars formed from

rapture and red fire in a giant nebula.

Here in this stand of cold cedars, we are lovers embracing,

     sharing heat and kisses as is our human right.  This February night

is written on our hearts.

It is the stars that gaze, they strain down to hear the symphonies

     we sing.  We bring sweet music to their ancient silence.

Kansas pearl moon, bare black branches, brown owl, breathe evergreen

For love is all, though unseen:  And when we touch, we have all we need.


~ Donna Lash Wolff


4 thoughts on “17. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Donna Wolff

  1. Donna, you did a lovely job of connecting with previous poets. Beautiful poem! I particularly enjoyed the thought of the stars straining to observe the lovers.

  2. I agree with Ronda. The last line is especially effective. All these poems have been outstanding. It’s a joy to see them in my mail box every day.

  3. Thank you kindred spirits! Yes, each poem and then the whole of the verses are building a continuing story with increasing imagery of the spirit of the people (past … present … future), the wildlife, the weather and the natural landscape of our great State of Kansas. May our wonderful nation feel our creativity sweeping across our virtual landscape that is rooted in the soil and sky that support us. It reminds me, this continuing renga … conversation from poet to poet of a modern version of the old ways that messages and meanings were carried.

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  4. Thank you kindred spirits for your comments! It seems that with each single verse that is added … the imagery of the renga is opening like a field of wildflowers and sharing the diverse stories of the people … past, present and future … of our state, along with our weather, wildlife and beautiful landscape. As we pass these lines from poet to poet, I feel as if we are communicating meanings and messages similar to how they were once passed in history, like a “Poet Express” that began with our Poet Laureate.

    Happy Valentines Day 2012 to poets and lovers everywhere.

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