18. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Linda Rodriguez

Owl, silent raptor, silhouetted against Flint Hills February moon,
bone moon, bitter month—when life force is infinitely fragile,
when cold turns blood to slow-moving slush, standing here
in these dark cedars—when even the hottest heart cools
with time’s creeping, the round of years, like the stars, our origins—
when we run into bare-branched, ice-trimmed night seeking love’s heat,
longing for flame inside, fleeing the one who’s fortified us in the cooling years—
when owl warns what we must do to dodge this silent ice-death. Breathe in
the prairie distance, the wide Kansas skies, the love beside us. Look up.
The blaze you seek spreads across the night sky.

— Linda Rodriguez


6 thoughts on “18. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Linda Rodriguez

    • Hi Linda, It’s me, Donna, not anonymous. I just don’t know how to make my name show up. : )
      Thanks for your eloquent response to my lines. Your work is beautiful. I need to buy a copy of your new book!

      • Hah, Donna, you had me fooled! I had a surreptitious spy-type pictured skulking around the poetry comment boards. :–)

        Your lines gave me a wonderful energy to work from. they brought in the passion we’d needed.

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