22. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Iris Wilkinson

Somewhere in Kansas,
a group of women sit round the table
telling stories of grandbabies, tornados, wigwams,
the importance of a good bra, the Taj Mahal, being
a yogini, joy, puppets and turning ships around full stern.
This does not seem at all odd.
It’s as natural as walking in the wind.
It’s as natural as waiting for the rain.
Sitting round the table telling stories, in Kansas,
is an everyday scene.

— Iris Wilkinson


2 thoughts on “22. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Iris Wilkinson

  1. I am pleased that I opened this post to see that Iris was the author of the poem. I have read it several times and each time, I see the scene and feel the sense of the experience. Thanks to Iris for writing and Caryn for posting.

  2. It is good to see and read Iris’s poem here. I like the way it takes me away to a different place. The sharing of women, their strength and power, often found in a group can help and does move the world. Thank you.

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