Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

Dusk at river’s shore, knife-edged wind comes as revelation
more tactile than my state of mind which slips easily
into the warp clinging between brazen day
and cautious night, lit by clouded moon, taunting stars.

I have lost the ability to dream, currently, only able to picture
myself trapped in the forks of trees that sketch black
angles against slashes of pink and orange
in the mutating sky. I take some small comfort in knowing
it is the natural order of things. We are all trapped
somewhere between the lines of our own stories.

— Linda Gebert


Comments on: "55. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Linda Gebert" (5)

  1. Diane Wahto said:

    Linda–As I told you when I first read this poem, I think it’s beautiful. See you soon, I hope.


  2. Lois Harder said:

    Wow Linda – so thoughtfully crafted and beautiful. Thanks for passing it along; congratulations! Lois

  3. Kathy said:

    It was so real, I could picture it in my mind. Kathy Mc

  4. Beverly Baumgartner said:

    I second the “beautiful” and “wow.” “Trapped in the forks of trees that sketch black angles.” I can see that, and have often found myself in that visual spot. Thank you, Linda!

  5. Miles T. said:

    You captured a beatiful moment, thank you!

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