63. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Pat Beckemeyer

Did you ever hear a field sparrow sing
Her ethereal, piercing, heart-rending notes?
After you follow the song to its source
You expect to find an angel, or maybe a fairy.

But as you arrive at the source of the song
You find a nondescript little brown sparrow,
Joy from her being escaping with each trill.

Perhaps our notion of what an angel looks like
Has been guided falsely by Renaissance pictures.
Perhaps she is sitting here singing in a little brown coat.

— Pat Beckemeyer


One thought on “63. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Pat Beckemeyer

  1. Pat–This is a lovely poem. I will think of this every time the sparrows gather around our bird feeder. I know people think sparrows are nondescript, but these birds are so active and noisy, it’s impossible not to smile when they show up.

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