126. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Peg Nichols

Armistice: Latin, armistitium, a short truce.
This Kansas plain has been blessed
By the blood of those who left.
Some brought home in boxes. Others never.
Island Mound, San Juan Hill, Chateau Thierry,
Normandy, Coral Sea, Heartbreak Ridge,
Saigon, Baghdad . . . Kabul . . . Kandahar . . .
So many places. So many heroes.
We honor their memory with our lives.
We see their faces in the stars.

— Peg Nichols


7 thoughts on “126. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Peg Nichols

  1. Peg, what a heartfelt and eloquent reminder of what our fellow Kansans have sacrificed. Thanks for your thoughtful and inspiring words. This is a very special renga for a very special day.

  2. Peggy, thank you for this very eloquent and thoughtful poem on behalf of all our service members that have sacrificed so much, we shall never forget them or their bravery for us.

  3. Mom, the veterans were applauded in church earlier today (your “Army brat” made sure of that), so it was nice to come “home” to your wonderful and timely renga this afternoon.

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