Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

So pass your fraying basket, friend,
filled with naked, tarred and feathered men.
I will dump them into the Kaw at sunset, not far from soybean fields.
I will bury them under the soil wet with tears from Wyandot
and Shawnee ghosts still fleeing from the border wars to the Flint Hills.
I will bury them among bones of drunk marauders,
under switchgrass, in clay so deep no one can unearth them.
Together, we will sing the meadowlark’s tired song
and listen to the mongrels howl,
while broken sunflowers bow.

—Lindsey Martin-Bowen


Comments on: "132. To the Stars Through Difficulty: Lindsey Martin-Bowen" (2)

  1. Thank you for sharing! A pleasure to read, particularly the last line.

  2. Lindsey Martin-Bowen said:

    Thank you, Christina Lux. I just saw this today. (I haven’t been to the site since we wrote that long, glorious Renga. )

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