Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

Here, this unreal world: where the excavated torso2013

of Venus invites our gaze, where Christ

is always being crucified, where a barefoot girl

stands in a photograph, blankly pubescent.

We walk through an echoing silence, knowing

that all things are possible while the dead still live,

while the sky remains one color, while the limbs

of a lacquered nude are poised in its dance.

For a moment, we are a portrait. Then the lights

must dim. The doors must be locked behind us.


Outside, it is winter. The possibility of sirens

waits in the darkness as you walk

past some nameless rubble, back to a place

familiar from hunger and the smell of dust.

In thirty years, an echoing museum

will acquire the print of a white-boned corpse

crushed by a beam, and quietly display it

as an artifact of the century’s foreign war.

~ Rebekah Curry

Rebekah Curry is in her final year of study at the University of Kansas, where she is majoring in Classics. Her work has also appeared in inkscrawl, Antiphon, Strange Horizons, and the two books that have resulted from 150 Kansas Poems.


Comments on: "Museum in War Zone by Rebekah Curry" (2)

  1. Berneil Rupp Mueller said:

    Such a fine, and moving poem. I hope to read more by Curry.

  2. Rebekah Curry said:

    This poem first appeared in the Spring 2012 issue of Antiphon.

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