Ahead of Everywhere by Wyatt Townley

If you should precede meWyatt Townley Headshot (color)

if you cross the line

after which no shoes are required

if you grow out of your clothes

before I grow out of mine

and enter the atmosphere I breathe

I will hunt you down eyes closed

every day every night every

breath one breath closer I

will take you in breathe you out

a cosmic CPR

on the couch in the car

in the woods in bed

for if you should precede me

you’ll be in front of me forever

ahead of everywhere

I turn as I push off

to the word ahead of this one

~ Wyatt Townley

Wyatt Townley’s books of poems include The Breathing Field (Little, Brown), Perfectly Normal (The Smith), and her latest, The Afterlives of Trees (Woodley), a Kansas Notable Book and winner of the Nelson Award, completed with a fellowship from the Kansas Arts Commission and just nominated for the Pushcart Prize. (www.WyattTownley.com)

from The Afterlives of Trees by Wyatt Townley (Woodley Press, 2011)


3 thoughts on “Ahead of Everywhere by Wyatt Townley

  1. My cousin in Topeka who is “ahead of me forever” must have really liked this – she had this read at her Memorial Service. I like it too! Thank you!

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