You Can Go Home Again by Lee Micks

It slips through the cracksme1

Of recent influence

And finds a place to fit

Nearly unnoticed

Among the skewed images

Of a deep night’s dream

As large as a neighborhood

As slight as a shadow

A face not quite the same

Yet still known

A brief recognition

In the subconscious mind

In waking hours

It squeezes in

From out of nowhere

A thin, fleeting,

Detached memory

To serve up the hint of a smile

Wherever you find yourself

It finds you

Déjà vu, an illusion

Yet not an illusion

A familiarity of self

Of place, of time, of home

~ Lee Micks

Lee Mick is a native of Cawker City, KS. He equates his writing with his day job as a tooling machinist. Turning raw materials into the tools necessary for others to use to assemble and produce the finished product they present to the world. His work appears in various Kansas themed anthologies.

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