Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

My mom’s smile is genuine,Photo Poem by Darcy Leech

A lilac beaming

In the presence of her Sun.


Indentions in the sand prove

Time’s linear progression,


Her hair yet unblighted,

Carrying midnight’s consistency.


Clear tracks fading as the

Movement slips further

In the past.



High, soft,

In summer’s hue,



Each step’s unknown impact,

A future looking back.


My father’s strength:

One whose

Life is in his arms.


Squinting past the camera,

He rests upon a rock

Like caramel corn half eaten,


Just to the left

Of man-made concrete convention


Daylight’s eraser

Removing color to his right.


Dustin sits

In my father’s lap,

Open mouth of a drooling

Big mouth bass;


Muscle toneSalt Lake Poem

Of a well exercised

Jelly fish,


He looks at me

Half aware;


His wheelchair

Perched at the edge

Of parking lot gravel grafted

Like a scar on nature’s beach,


Opening to the ironic splendor

Of a bitter tasting lake.


I took the picture.


Age 11.


Capturing the pinnacle arc

Of a son

To my lilac


Outlived him and weeps,




Their sky has staple holes –


Maybe that’s how the


Leaked out.


~ Darcy Leech

Darcy Leech writes: I am the surviving daughter of a mother with a hidden disease who gave birth to a severely handicapped son.  Dustin never spoke, and my mother lost her ability to speak when myotonic dystrophy took away her ability to breath.  I lived in their story; I am their voice.


Comments on: "Mom, Dad, and Dustin on the Beach of the Great Salt Lake 1997 by Darcy Leech" (12)

  1. poetryadmirer said:

    Wow, this poem has strong visuals with intriguing description. Good use of metaphor in taking a picture and giving character analysis and a snippet of a life story.

  2. Anonymous said:

    The contrast of the harsh reality of her brother’s condition with her mother’s peace .. and yet unknown destiny to suffer from the same disease … gifted.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Wow, Darcy! Thank you for taking the time to share this story with all of us.

  4. We hear that voice, clearly. Author speaks from the voice of experience. Who can argue with that? We are compelled to listen, and think on it, and we are humbled.

  5. Anonymous said:

    Th3 bass metaphor was honest and powerful. A hard thing for a writer to do.

  6. The closing image is gorgeous, moving.

  7. It is a very vivid and moving poem of God’s unknown blessings. God only chooses the best parents and sisters for his special children

  8. Darcy Leech said:

    Thank you for all the positive compliments. I kept this poem hidden for 5 years. I wrote it in college while my mother was still alive, and wasn’t willing to share it until after her passing. I appreciate being able to share her story and have people take meaning for the difficulty and loss.

  9. Haunting and beautifully written. You are indeed their voice and yours is a beautiful one to notice and remember.

  10. Now with a tearful smile, I thank you for sharing this deeply intimate insight into your family. Such beautiful words bringing the poem to life.

  11. Reblogged this on Rose English UK and commented:
    I have to share this beautiful poem, the words bring to life before your very eyes, the deeply intimate insight of one families suffering. Written by the surviving daughter of a mother with a hidden disease.

    Quote from the poem:-

    ‘My mom’s smile is genuine,
    A lilac beaming
    In the presence of her Sun.’

    The words reach into your very soul.

    Fondest Regards Rose

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