Birdseed by Bill Sheldon

SheldonPicThe Ladderback Woodpecker

hangs from the underside

of the suet cage. Eleven

new chicks scratch the grass

in their pen as their mother

has shown them. Four

House Finches, scarlet

heads flashing

in morning light, take short

shifts in the birdbath.

Three new Bluebirds

follow their parents

into the mown field

beside our house.

The Song Sparrow chicks

in the nest in the rain

gutter cry hungry

when their father nears,

a grub in his beak.

The one Red-Wing

Blackbird that visits our yard

rests on the feeder. And then

amid all this

bounty, the epiphany

we have sought all summer,

there, at the sugar water,

the first Hummingbird.

~ Bill Sheldon

William Sheldon lives with his family in Hutchinson, Kansas. His poetry and prose have appeared widely in small press publications. He is the author of three collections of poetry, Retrieving Old Bones (Woodley, 2002), Into Distant Grass (Oil Hill Press, 2009), and Rain Comes Riding (Mammoth, 2011).


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