the pebble under my foot by William J. Karnowski

the night watchmen fell asleep

when Albert Einstein dreamed then

mathematically proved the existence

of a greater spiritual power

and after Milton Freidman

replaced myth with timeless truth leaving

the rest of we mere humans

shimmering above the mirage

wondering what happened

to all our kinetic collective groping

the truth is A is A and

two plus two does equal four

the truth is it is a beautiful morning

and I am going for a walk in the woods

~ William J. Karnowski

William J. Karnowski, Wamego, Kansas is the author of books titled: Pushing the Chain, Dispensation, Painting the Train, The Hills of Laclede, Catching the Rain, and The Sodhouse Green.  William sponsors the annual Karnowski Youth Poetry Contest and is current Vice-President of the Kansas Authors Club.

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