Reality’s Hangover by R.D. McManes

i had passion once Kansas_150

mixed with purple grape juice

fornication in a forty-gallon trashcan

concocted four parts to one


togas were fashionable party wear

i can’t recall any designer sheets

twin size white linen draped casually

of course we were naked underneath

some wore a crown of leaves


we fancied ourselves as romans

speaking a dead language

fortuitous grandiose liberius

perhaps our tongues

were not yet experienced


even passion has a price;

we were left with purple stains

once worn twin sized sheets

and our first taste of true freedom

complete with reality’s hangover

~ RD McManes

R.D. McManes is the author of seven poetry books. Mr. McManes has had over 200 poems featured in 65 worldwide publications , including Prairie Poetry, Writer’s Hood, Scrivener’s Pen, Mipo Magazine, The Heron’s Nest, Poems Niederngasse, Newtopia,, Muddy River Review, Commonline Journal, and Barefooot Review. He has been a featured speaker and conducted poetry workshops and copyright presentations for the Kansas Author’s Club. He currently resides near Scranton, Kansas.




One thought on “Reality’s Hangover by R.D. McManes

  1. I was pulled right into this poem, my lips smiled as I read. Smooth and clever.

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