flint hills by William J. Karnowski

outside of me is dawn215770_1020568651506_6725248_n

at first the birds celebrate

singing their stanzas

bluebird after bluebird

rain crows make their predictions

the prairie chickens boom

from the arena of the lek

and the mockingbird lies

about his identity

then all goes quiet

at the intermission

the second verse is the muffled

roar of the six-legged multitudes

honey bees massage the petals

satisfying that single sweet tooth

the yellow jackets menace

an innocent butterfly passerby

the grasshoppers chew tobacco

helicopter flies proudly hover

but the middle of the morning

belongs to the meadowlark

singing, “who the hell are you?”

asking , “who the hell are you?”

and I have no Christian answer.

~ William J. Karnowski

William J. Karnowski, Wamego, Kansas is the author of books titled: Pushing the Chain, Dispensation, Painting the Train, The Hills of Laclede, Catching the Rain, and The Sodhouse Green.  William sponsors the annual Karnowski Youth Poetry Contest and is current Vice-President of the Kansas Authors Club.

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