I Have My Home in Two Worlds by John Willison

I have my home in two worldsDSC_1642

This one:

With all its wild running,

Stuffing my pockets full of pleasure.

A smile the size of a candy shop!

I open my closet,

My whole life pours out

In excessive sweetness.

Even my suffering has taken a shine.

Running my fingers over my scars,

What were once indignities

Are now a flutter in the heart…

I bashfully flirt with every beauty.

The blushing maple, there

That brushstroke of moon.

Her hand on my chest,

Light as air,

And just as needed.

It’s all an enchantment.

I am aware of the windows being shut at the back of the house,

The doors, propped open, closing.

But this is not to be a constraint, a prison for beggars.

Not a house of sorrows.

Yes, everything will tremble.

All will fall.

This container will topple off the shelf and shatter,

Spilling into an infinite field,

Where this greeting awaits:

Hello, darling. Welcome home.

~ John Willison

John is a therapist who loves the written word and loves his wife, pets, 
family and friends even more.

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