Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity



This ripping,

This tearing,

This pulling of roots.


I have struggled to flourish here in

This dry place

Cursed this sandy soil

Where water rushes away from me and

Wind rushes in.

We gather together in this harsh place

Because we must

Protect each other, nurture each other

Shade each other from the blazing sun.

We eke out a small place where

Water will gather and wind is belayed.

You have lifted your branches above me and

Given me a place to grow.

My roots are strong.


They may transplant well

But they will forever sing

The song of these plains.

Jennifer White

Jennifer White was born in Nebraska, but from the age of six has called Kansas home. She started writing in high school, but got serious about it about it after beginning her short-lived teaching career. Jennifer recently moved to Kansas City, where she finds herself longing for the serenity and simplicity of small-town life. Besides writing, Jennifer sings and acts and uses most of her creative energy keeping track of her husband and three boys.

July’s poetry editor Ramona McCallum is the author of the poetry collection Still Life with Dirty Dishes (2013, Woodey Press) and is entering the second year of her MFA studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where she is a Durwood Poetry Fellow. Ramona and her husband Brian McCallum, a ceramic sculptor, and their six children are currently founding a nonprofit organization called PowerHouse Universe whose mission is to recognize and encourage the creative abilities of youth by providing opportunities for positive self-expression in the literary, visual and performance arts.


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