Grandpa Talking by Jenni Gribble

I am from the Kansas farm,Jenni Gribble Photo

a bigger and better house

with a history all its own,

bought from the Indians,

and Mr. Nelson too.


I am from the old house,

that sinking slowly

into the unused cellar,

covered itself with dirt,

along with old furniture

and many things tucked away.


I am from the old Model T Ford

and the Franklin and the Reo cars,

that came to just as sad an end

in the trash pile, never to be seen.

If hindsight were foresight, if only

coulda, shoulda, mighta been.

~ Jenni Gribble

Jenni writes, “I was born in Ottawa, Kansas, and these poems are inspired by stories told by my ancestors, who settled Kansas in the 1800s. I am a graduate student in English at Morehead State University, Kentucky, and a high school English teacher. My work has appeared in Inscape: Art and Literary Magazine.”

Dan Bentley and Kat Greene: Guest Editors10418905_10152602037352684_4439634509654435948_n

Dan Bentley is a No-La/Kaw dwelling organic gardening seed saving bioregionalist who hails from western plains, writes, draws, paints, sings as spirit moves, laughs with wife, cats, friends, family, observing life cycle absurdity/profundity.

Kat Greene lived in eleven states and thirty-seven houses before settling in North Lawrence with her husband Dan Bentley in a beautiful garden. She still travels from time to time.

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