Per Aspera Ad Astra by Huascar Medina

IMG_0640We were lost in the plains,

beautiful and ordinary,

Sunflowers in the fields;

seeds of fallen stars,

standing tall; deeply rooted

in this land.


I’ve admired how our flowers shine,

grasping towards the sky

beyond the prairie grass; anchored

down to earth; mimicking

the sun.


When a gardener plants

the seeds of Helianthus, he is

performing magic; raising

stars out of the dust where

buzzing planets circle,

half red moons set; and swarming

comets float in orange comas.


I’ve always felt that

late at night, in the bed of a truck,

in a Kansas field; we were

at the center of this universe.


…and I was exactly where I should be,

amongst the flowers; not below.

Huascar Medina

Huascar Medina has lived artfully in Topeka, Kansas since 2001. He is the father of the four-year-old demigod, Sebastian Rook. Currently he is a member of Topeka’s Speak Easy poetry group and the Red Tail Collective in Lawrence. His first published poem appeared in HomeWords: A Project of the Kansas Poet Laureate. In February 2016, his poetry will be featured in Reverberated Echoes: A Kansas City Reader (Asinimali Publications). He is also a magnificent crow.

Guest editor: Annette Hope Billings is an poet/actress/playwright from Topeka, KS, who has written two collections of poetry. In 2015, she stepped away from four decades of nursing to writing full-time and explore where her creative path was leading her. Her most recent collection of poetry, A Net Full of Hope, was published last year and has been well-received, garnering her a readers’ proposed title of “Maya of the Midwest.” For more info about her To view videos of her work: To follow her on FaceBook:

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