Dad’s Fur Coat by

Jenni Gribble PhotoWhat matters now is Dad’s fur coat.

I don’t know where it came from or how he got it,

But he wore it in Kansas winters.

All wrapped up in white and lonely softness.

I remember him,

Standing in front of the old buggy.

He had come to play Santa Claus

With a tree and treats.

And when there was snow enough,

He put runners on the wagon box.

And all wrapped up in moonshine,

He rode through the tinsel starlight.

~ Jenni Gribble

Jenni Gribble: I was born in Ottawa, Kansas, and these poems are inspired by stories told by my ancestors, who settled Kansas in the 1800’s. I am a graduate student in English at Morehead State University, Kentucky, and a high school English teacher. My work has appeared in Inscape: Art and Literary Magazine.

Cody Shrum holds both a B.A. and M.A. in Creative Writing from Pittsburg State University with an emphasis in fiction. However, his poetry has appeared in velvet-tail and Kansas Time + Place online literary magazines. Cody plans to pursue his MFA degree in fiction next fall—an adventure he will embark on with his wife, Kylee, and their two dogs, Zoey and Zeus.

One thought on “Dad’s Fur Coat by

  1. This line sets a beautiful image
    “And all wrapped up in moonshine”,
    Happy teaching and enjoy Graduate School. A

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