Dandelion by William J. Karnowski

the old gray man215770_1020568651506_6725248_n

shuffled along the walk

stopped short at

one lone dandelion locket

dropped his cane

slowly knelt to pick it

stopped by the old woman

fumbled in his pocket

for its shaking handle

sat beside her and

on the painted park bench

placed the yellow present

in her smiling hand

~ William J. Karnowski

William J. Karnowski is the author of seven books of poetry; Pushing the Chain, The Hills of Laclede, Painting the Train, Hardtails and Highways, Catching the Rain, Dispensation, and The Sodhouse Green. He has poetry published in Kansas Voices, The Midwest Quarterly, Begin Again: 150 Kansas Poems, Kansas Author Club Yearbooks and multiple website locations. Karnowski is the current State President of Kansas Authors Club.

Kelly W. Johnston, guest editor, is a life-long Kansan, who was born in Lawrence in 1955, and graduated from Wichita State in 1977 with a major in creative writing. He has published poems in Mikrokosmos, The Cottonwood Review, and The Ark River Review. He will publish two poems in the up-coming 2016 issue of The I-70 Review. Kelly loves to spend time on his land in the Chautauqua Hills near Cross Timbers State Park, where many of his poems are inspired.


2 thoughts on “Dandelion by William J. Karnowski

  1. I visited and made meals once a week for an elderly gentleman while I was in college. Your poem reminds me of him so I love it. I marvel at “storybook” poems that are complete in so few lines but create such concrete images that the pictures stays with you for a very long time. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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