Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

after StaffordWyatt Townley Headshot (color)


Agree with the river.

Agree with the field

and the tree. If you agree

with the wind that rises

in the midst of your life

running through everything,

rearranging the best

laid plans, branches down,

leaves scattered, you will agree

with what’s under your feet.

There are your parents.

~©2016 by Wyatt Townley

Wyatt Townley was the Poet Laureate of Kansas (2013-15), and her travels across the state inspired this poem. Her work has appeared in The Paris Review, North American Review, Newsweek, Prairie Schooner, and The Yale Review.  Her books of poetry include The Breathing Field, Perfectly Normal, and The Afterlives of Trees. www.WyattTownley.com

Tyler Sheldon earned his MA in English at Emporia State University, where he taught English Composition and received the 2016 Charles E. Walton Graduate Essay Award. His poems and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in Coal City Review, The Dos Passos Review, Flint Hills Review, I-70 Review, Quiddity International Literary Journal, Thorny Locust, and other journals. Sheldon is a two-time AWP Intro Journals Award nominee, and has appeared on Kansas Public Radio.


Comments on: "Forces of Nature by Wyatt Townley" (2)

  1. Just beautiful Wyatt! I love it. Arlin

  2. I really like the wind “rearraning the best laid plans.” So true and so poetic.

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