Alone in Bed by Heather Mydosh

H Mydosh Headshot 2014Solitary


vellum in morning


with bareness

above the arms

feet rubbing


rolled and folded

in sheets.

in breathing

dawn moisture


panes slicked in


not stillness

but languid


into day.

sleep leaving

cobwebs and

sulfur diamonds

corners and creases

bats and lashes

signs and


thought quiet

heart still.


guilt not yet settling

as protean ash on

raspberry blades


forseen release

from bearing

grit grey bone white dust

in the cold touchstone,

now hollow


no memory.

~ Heather Mydosh

Heather Mydosh is a transplant to Independence, Kansas where she teaches composition and literature at Independence Community College. She recently was awarded first place for poetry in the Kansas Voices contest for her poem “Strawberry Blood.” She holds her Masters of Literature from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland in Comparative Literature and Thought, where she spent countless nights immersed in dusty texts. Current interests include the Pleistocene extinction of North American mega fauna, the cultivation of peonies, vintage British automobiles, and pre-prohibition cocktails.

Jose Faus is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and independent teacher. He is a founding member of the Latino Writers Collective and sits on the boards of the Latino Writers Collective, UMKC Friends of the Library, Charlotte Street Foundation and is president of the board of The Writers Place. His first book of poetry This Town Like That was published in 2015. The full-length poetry collection The Life and Times of Jose Calderon is forthcoming from 39 Street Press.

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