Conversation After Love — By Catherine Anderson

In that fragrant pool

a bisque light hovers.

We speak of our separate

grandparents, how they appeared

in the mundane grain of life,

tapping the wall to find a light switch,

folding softened sheets of the bed

they made for us—your ancestor,

my ancestor, their simple acts.

After love, before parting, our

breath released as one apparition,

our conjoined air accepting the transfer

of time and its diminishment,

we’re spent, we’re tired, we follow

any direction the conversation takes.

And those people from whom

we descend—ghosts riding

ghosts, alike but unknown

to each other, the plank road

they traveled or the wooden

turnstile passed through.

How we’ve held them in our minds

our whole lives: pocket watch,

handkerchief, coal stove,

two grey citizens glimpsed

those mornings on what

would each be their last bed.

~ Catherine Anderson

Catherine Anderson’s most recent poetry collection is Woman with a Gambling Mania (Mayapple Press). She is a Pushcart Prize winner (November 2017). Her poems have appeared in the I-70 Review, the Southern Review and others. She lives in Kansas City where she works with area refugee communities.

Guest Editor Maril Crabtree holds B.A, M.A., and J.D. degrees from the University of Kansas and has taught French, English, therapeutic writing, yoga, and sustainable living. Her poetry, short stories, and essays have been published in numerous journals, along with three chapbooks. Her full-length collection, Fireflies in the Gathering Dark, will be published in August, 2017.


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