This Is Not…. — By Kathleen Cain

Trumplandia. And We the People

are not an extension of your family

business. We are not another brand

of wine or clothing, or a building on

which to slap a gaudily gilded

name. We are not your obedient

minions willing to lie for you, or

live your lies, or endure your rages.

We have rages of our own—for life

and health, the fortunes of our children

and our grandchildren and their fathers

and mothers, including the four-and-a-half-billion-year-old

one upon whose bruised and injured

body we spin. Her name is not Trumplandia,

either. And she will not lie or lie down for you.

~ Kathleen Cain

Kathleen Cain is a native Nebraskan who has lived in Colorado since 1972. Her nonfiction book The Cottonwood Tree: An American Champion (2007) was selected for the Nebraska 150 Books Project. Two of her poems appeared in Nebraska Poetry: A Sesquicentennial Anthology, 1867-2017.


Guest Editor Maril Crabtree’s latest poetry collection, Fireflies in the Gathering Dark, is a 2018 Notable Kansas Book selection. In addition to three published chapbooks, her work has appeared in Canyon Voices, Main Street Rag, Coal City Review, I-70 Review, Earth’s Daughters, and others.


4 thoughts on “This Is Not…. — By Kathleen Cain

    • Hello, Mike – hey, I am just now finding & reading comments on the poems from Heartland! on 1/10/21, so honestly, I haven’t been ignoring you for three years! Thank you so much for taking time to comment. I received some hate mail because of this poem, so I guess it worked! Although here we are now, today, waiting for some semblance of peace and honor to be restored.

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