Melt the Gods — By Will Hagman

stone hearts

rolling in those

immortal breasts

icy judgment

so precise

unflinching words

in uninhibited wrath

wide eyed

soul-piercing stares

of the statuesque

accusers and blamers

in this moment

of eternity


their frozen

disapproval loses

its balance

on those infamous scales

their stone hearts

are met with

feather and wedge

their wide eyed

stares tear and

flow as rivers

into the seas

when a mother

hugs her child

when a community

embraces its own

when a nation

feeds its hungry

when humanity

is humane

~ Will Hagman


Will Hagman works as a customer service representative in Sioux Falls, SD where he lives with his husband Bob.  He has found writing to be therapeutic throughout his life and continues to write poetry as a venue to connect with others and himself. Additionally, Will enjoys gardening and dabbling in various mediums of art.

Guest Editor Maril Crabtree’s latest poetry collection, Fireflies in the Gathering Dark, is a 2018 Notable Kansas Book selection. In addition to three published chapbooks, her work has appeared in Canyon Voices, Main Street Rag, Coal City Review, I-70 Review, Earth’s Daughters, and others.


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