Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity

Seek the wild places,

where the mercy of moisture

still lingers under rocks.

Insects loiter there;

shelter while

stripped whiptail lizards

race beneath thin green veils

of sun-bleached


Deep summer

cover rotates; shade grows

rooted in parched


Rabbits burrow

far beneath

a large stand of prickly

pear; pant for breath;

wait until some

hint of slightly

cooler evening air.


intent but wilted;

an oppressive challenge

crescendo abounds within

the brutal plague

of thirst;

a long ascending

spiral of relentless


14 August 2019 – Pharr, Texas

~ Elizabeth Perdoma

Guest editor Annette Hope Billings is an award-winning poet known for the impact of her audible presentations of work. In 2016 she brought her registered nursing career to an early end to fully pursue her passion for writing. She is happily working on her fourth collection of poetry. Billings’ work can also be found in a variety of anthologies as well as in print and online journals. Please visit her website and/or Facebook page for further information.

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