Climbing Mount Sanitas — by Tayler Klein

Another turn and incline, and I pause,
red hands on ice and rock,
boots packing snow two feet deep.

A snowbank slips down
a sloped burnt-red flat-iron
and an osprey appears and ripples
along the bottom of the sky.

Gray haze sets in like water to paint,
drawing the tips of distant pines
further up and up.

These swaying places,
these turns before the ascent,
suspend my forward movement
just long enough.

The osprey flies downward,
its nest imaginary
warmth somewhere in the trees.


Tayler Klein is a writer and teacher from Kansas City, Missouri. She has been published in journals such as Nimrod, The Midwest Quarterly, and Glassworks Magazine. She received her MA in Creative writing from Pittsburg State University, and she now lives with her husband and her dog in Kansas City where she teaches at a Montessori school.

April Editor Roy Beckemeyer‘s latest book is Mouth Brimming Over (2019, Blue Cedar Press).


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