HOWL in Lawrence at The Bottleneck on 8/28/2019

May your words be safely perched in the bars as bones
that hold us upright. May you free them as sparrows.

And may they return to you fuller, more vibrant; and free.
Free to begin building. You see, you can’t migrate unless you

can create your own home. We make houses from our own
bones, moving freely from place to place, creating safe havens

in the spaces around us. About Face. Like a Phoenix from ashes. Brass taxes is playing “Taps” for Civs. Be the change you want to see at knifepoint.

Myrna birds peering behind the trashcan. Eating the disposed,
the very things no one found value for.

I am not to be consumed or repurposed or recycled. Throw me
in compost. Let me be flower. Let me be aroma. Let me be color.

Let me be beauty. I wanted to turn wasted moments into outside
galleries. Where art is life and life mimics absolutely anything I am.

My truth is beautiful. I have been trash. I still am beautiful.
Pick me like a daisy stuck in the crevice of a sidewalk you walk down daily.

Don’t ignore me. See that, I don’t belong here. But here I am.
Rising out of the slab, the cold gray indifference.

I am color. I am life. Pick me.


Exquisite corpse: (from the French term cadavre exquis), A method by which a collection of words or images are collectively assembled. I collected these poems as I traveled through Kansas. These poems are written collectively by Kansans at readings, open mics and workshops. The titles of each poem are the locations and dates where they were assembled. They are part of Exquisite Kansas, a collection to be published at the end of my laureateship.

2 thoughts on “HOWL in Lawrence at The Bottleneck on 8/28/2019

    • I find the ending is fitting. Miraculous in its closing. Random and beautiful like a flower in a sidewalk I happen to see midstride talking back to me.

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