Aaron Douglas Art Fair in Topeka on 9/28/19

Surrounded by art,
smoking grills, misty tents
& Tennessee town ghosts.

Rainfalls as mist
& I’m reminded of Seattle
as people run from the weather.

I almost never carry an umbrella,
even if people tell me,
I’ll need one.

Umbrellas in the desert
are mocking the sky;
Seattle is always wet.

I ran away,
I ran away to you,
to those eyes &
to those hands.

My breathing stops.
If only I could start my
faltering heart. Which
beats only for you.
Always for you.

For strength is relative,
goals found are fought differently,
then the goals still looked for.

The beating is faster when found
slowed to nothing. ‘Till.

Exquisite corpse: (from the French term cadavre exquis), A method by which a collection of words or images are collectively assembled. I collected these poems as I traveled through Kansas. These poems are written collectively by Kansans at readings, open mics and workshops. The titles of each poem are the locations and dates where they were assembled. They are part of Exquisite Kansas, a collection to be published at the end of my laureateship.


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