I am not A or B ~ by Ande Johnson

Cannot check yes no or even may… be
Not boy
Not girl
Not young
Not old
I am the space between
Beyond the outlier
A distant frontier yet undiscovered
Seeking only my answers
Finding only my questions
Looking for definition along the blurred edges
Not in the trimmed hedges
I am not fenced in
But I am not growing wild
I am Boxed in and
Locked out
I am not A or B
I am Lines Left Blank
I am Unnamed
I yearn for contentment
I am the movement
The transition
The search

Ande Johnson moved to Leavenworth, Kansas in 2019 to be closer to family while homeschooling his son, Wilder. In addition to working on his MPA with plans to attend law school, Ande nurtures a variety of eclectic hobbies as a worm farmer, squirrel rescuer, autism enthusiast, apprentice potter, Excel wizard, camping professional, straw bale gardener, and tarantula dad.

November Editor, Ronda Miller was State President of Kansas Authors Club, 2018 – 2019, Miller has three full length books of poetry: Going Home: Poems from My Life, MoonStain and WaterSigns and chapbook Winds of Time. Miller’s first children’s book, I Love the Child, was published 12/13/2019. The book’s illustrator is Katie Wiggins, a found cousin. I Love the Child, won first place for The Children’s Books Award at the Kansas Authors Club State convention, October, 2020.


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